“Trevor Thorpe has been my son’s tennis instructor for over 3 years. Before meeting Trevor we had tried different tennis pros from around the Santa Barbara area. We never meshed with any of these pros and my son didn’t have a love for tennis like we had hoped.

When we were introduced to Trevor we immediately knew we found what we had been searching for. Trevor is a true gem. He is patient, accountable, knowledgable, kind and professional. Trevor knows how to make every lesson fun and at the same time instructional for my son. My son adores Trevor and looks forward to every single one of his lessons.

He has become not only a tennis instructor but also a role model and friend. We HIGHLY recommend Trevor to anyone, from a beginner to advanced player if you are looking for a pro who can teach you how to play or improve your tennis skills while also having a great time on the courts.”

– Kerry Gidney

“Trevor is one of the finest tennis coaches Santa Barbara has to offer. First, he’s an excellent college-level player who knows both technique and strategy as well as anyone I’ve seen. Second, he transmits that knowledge in a confident, low-key, pleasant manner that most kids appreciate and absorb. Third, he’s fun and encouraging to be around and work with so your daughter or son will want to stay engaged.

He has worked with my two boys off and on over the past four years. One is a ranked Southern California tournament player, the other is an athletic middle school recreational player, and Trevor has managed to connect with both and improve their games. He has the patience and personality to take on beginners, and he has the skill set, knowledge and toughness to develop middle school players into good high school and tournament-ready competitors. In a town blessed with many high level coaches and players, Trevor Thorpe stands out as one of the best.”

– Paul Newton, Harvard Varsity Tennis ’81

As a parent I am very satisfied with Coach Thorpe. Both of my daughters Jackie 18’ and Carol 20’ are being trained by coach Thorpe in the Cate School varsity team, which is the only Cate School sports team that competes in CIF Division I. From an enrollment of approximately 140 girls, Cate School fields a team that competes at the highest level in Southern California against schools whose enrollments are 20 times higher. Under Coach Thorpe’s training, Jackie and Carol received TVL league girls’ double titles in both 2016 and 2017, as well as the league MVPs.

Like other students in a private boarding high school, there is very limited time for tennis training. Coach Thorpe however developed a very effective and efficient way for their technical and mental practices. When playing matches, Coach Thorpe created a sustainable motivational climate within the Cate team letting the girls feel supported by coaches and other teammates.

– Victor Cai

“Trevor is a good coach and he has helped me improve a lot. His lessons are always fun and I always look forward to his summer camp!”

– Lucian Prinz, 8th-Grader

“Trevor has coached both my sons since 2010. He is not only an excellent coach, but a mentor and a role model. I highly recommend him.”

– Beth Prinz, Mother of Two Tennis Players!