Owls beat Nordoff + Photo-tour of a Laguna Warm-up

Today Laguna played a very young Nordoff High tennis team and came away with a 16-2 victory. Ben Furukawa, Tristan Prinz, and Phillip Hicks led the way, dropping only two games total in a clean sweep of the singles sets. In doubles, Eddie Conk and Benji Sorensen got a win against Nordoff’s number one and then Eddie and new addition Conrad Perry picked up two more wins. At number two doubles, Jack Espy and Martin Barnick scored a dominant 6-0 victory in the first round, before Brendon Nylen paired with Martin for a solid 3-6 effort, followed by a 6-0 win in the third round. Freshman Atty Roddick and Senior Justin Palmer added two of three at the third doubles spot.

It was another joyous victory to be sure, but I also had the opportunity to document part of what goes on before we start the matches: the infamous Owl warm-up. So, without further delay, a photo-tour of what goes on before every practice and every match.

We have different players leading the warm-up each day, but on match day it’s usually a team captain.
Jack appears to be pretty excited about split-leg squats.
The Owl is an inquisitive bird and sometimes direct eye-contact with the camera is unavoidable.
It’s a deep burn.
Justin Palmer with an early lead over Brendon Nylen in the high-kick form category.
Brendon’s not having any of it.
An impressive retort from Brendon leaves the contest at a draw…for now.
The alpha bird assumes his rightful position at the center of the stretching circle.
The other birds carry on their business as usual.
But the alpha relishes his moment at the center of the circle.
Is that a challenge from freshman Owl Atty Roddick in the background? Very impressive trunk-twisting technique!
It seems that Brendon will receive no serious challenges on the day. Another victory.
Perhaps in the future freshman phenom Phillip Hicks will make his way to the middle.
Jack’s got the forward momentum working in his favor on this shot.
Martin Barnick shows us the work he’s put in during the off-season. Looking sharp!
Phillip shows us a nice kick serve: toss left, pushing up and left-to-right with a wrist flick at the end.
Phillip throws the kick-toss for the first serve…Noooo!!!
Patented Tristan Prinz kick-serve.
All for now. We’ll be in action again next week at Muni against Bishop Diego on Tuesday and in Ojai against Besant Hill on Wednesday.

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