Cate Girls’ Tennis 2013 Season Player Introduction


It’s that time of year again, and although the warm weather hasn’t shown it yet, we’re headed into the fall season and I’m back for my 5th year with Cate Girls’ Tennis. Last year we graduated six seniors and weren’t sure what was coming this year in terms of reinforcements, but here we are a few weeks in with 16 players! In no particular order, here they are:


(from left to right) Victoria Herman, Kate Dehlendorf, McKenna Madden, Pharibe Pope



(from left to right) Frances deGruy, Olivia Cannell

IMG_7993 IMG_7991


(from left to right) Madeleine Nelson, Summer Christensen, Eva Herman

Cecilia Sanborn

Cecelia Sanborn & Julia Gan


(from left to right) Kate Schroeder, Sally Shin, Madeleine Gordon, Jean Shen


IMG_8023What can I say? They’re a serious lot…

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