Where do they go after Laguna Blanca?

The boys of Laguna Blanca Tennis Having a Good Time, As Usual Henry Farrell, Phillip Hicks, Dalton Smith 2014

In my first five years at Laguna Blanca as boys’ tennis coach, I’ve had the opportunity to be part of an impressive turn-around in the program. In 2009, the team finished 1-11 on the season, with their only victory coming against an all-freshmen squad from the newly opened Orcutt Academy.

Since that time, we’ve steadily progressed and become a consistently top-10 ranked team in CIF Division Four. In addition, we now have an impressive tennis facility on-site, which makes the draw of Laguna’s tennis program all the more alluring from a sporting perspective.

With the new norm of sporting success, it’s easy to forget that we are not just a strong athletic program, but that graduates of our program are equally successful academically.

Just this last month, we sent Conrad Perry off to Colorado School of Mines, the #1 engineering school in the country. The previous year, Eddie Conk, a four-year starter for Laguna boys’ tennis, earned a full scholarship to study business at UC Berkeley. The year before that, we sent both Justin Shand and Alex Greer off to the Ivy League. Every one of our players has gone on to quality four-year universities.

When considering a high school, many factors come into play, but the Laguna Blanca boys’ tennis program has shown year-over-year that if you play for us, the future is very, very bright.

Full matriculation list for 2+ year members of Laguna Blanca boys’ tennis:

2014 – Colorado School of Mines, University of Washington, UCLA, Ole Miss

2013 – UC Berkeley (2), BYU, Grinnell

2012 – Dartmouth, UPenn (Wharton), Williams

2011 – BYU, Hamilton

2010 – Cal Poly SLO

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