Julia Gan and McKenna Madden Compete at 2014 CIF Individuals Regional Event

Thorpe Tennis Coach Thorpe McKenna Madden Julia Gan CIF Individuals 2014 Cate TennisAfter qualifying for CIF Individuals via the Tri-Valley League tournament, Gan and Madden represented the Cate School in two matches.

In the first round of play, the Cate team drew Frontier League #1’s from Villanova Prep. Wasting no time and giving nothing away, Gan/Madden clinched a second-round berth with a 6-0, 6-0 victory.

Julia Gan and McKenna Madden win at CIF Individuals 2014Gan Madden great doubles team CIF Individuals 2014 Julia Gan McKenna Madden dominate opponents Thorpe Tennis

After a short break, they took the court again to face much more seasoned competition in the form of Thousand Oaks duo Mahli Silpachai and Emily Ackerman. The two freshman are both ranked in the top-25 in California and top-150 in the country in their class after years of competitive national-level tournament play.

The match was tense in the first few games of play, with the Cate girls losing the first four games, despite several deuce-games. Gan held serve with the help of Madden’s aggressive poaching to put Cate on the scoreboard, but the Thousand Oaks pair went on a run.

Through the middle part of the match, the Cate pair struggled to find a winning strategy, but found their feet again at 0-5 in the second set. With their backs against the wall, Julia Gan and McKenna Madden rallied to win the next three games on exciting, offensively-minded play from the baseline and net.

Silpachai/Ackerman were then able to regain their composure and serve out the match, but not before the Cate girls made it clear that they were capable of playing on-level with their higher-ranked opponents.

The Thousand Oaks team would go on to win their next match by a greater margin and will play in the final rounds of CIF Individuals next week.2014 Cate Regional Girls Individual Doubles Draw

In other local news, Carpinteria High senior Kelsie Bryant finally put three wins together to get her shot at the final rounds of CIF singles play. Bryant entered the tournament via her Tri-Valley League title, and so we will be following closely and cheering her on as she represents our league the final CIF tournament.

McKenna Madden and dad at CIF Individuals 2014McKenna Madden and Julia Gan celebrating a solid CIF Individuals performance

1 thought on “Julia Gan and McKenna Madden Compete at 2014 CIF Individuals Regional Event

  1. Hi Coach Thorpe,

    What a great season for Cate! Julia and McKenna put up a really good fight for the second round of the CIF. I’m sure they have gained valuable tournament experience.


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