Cate Girls Win Another Close Match on Parents’ Weekend

Cate Parents Weekend 2015

It was another nail-biter on the Cate Mesa over parents’ weekend! With the score tied 8-8 and two doubles sets left to play, we needed from our #2 or #3 doubles teams, who had both gone 0-2 so far on the day. After three-and-a-half hours of play, both teams ended up getting their first win of the day, making the final score 10-8.

Julia Gan led us off with another impressive win at #1 singles, defeating another nationally-ranked opponent. Taylour Newman had defeated Katrina DeGuzman (ranked #234 in the country for the senior class) earlier in the season, but ran into what must have felt like a brick wall in her match against Gan. The dominance continued for Gan as she completed a singles sweep, dropping only two games along the way.

Summer Christensen and McKenna Madden made similarly quick work of their opponents at #1 doubles, dropping one game in three sets. These two are looking capable of anything going into league individuals on Tuesday.

Jackie Cai picked up two wins in singles on the day and had Newman on the back foot at points in their match as well. Cai’s contribution has been hugely important to the team, since she became eligible as a transfer a few weeks ago.

With 8 of 9 sets won from #1-2 singles and #1 doubles, the match fell upon the shoulders of Eva Herman and Janice Ng in the third round. After two close losses in the first two rounds (5-7, 6-7), including four set points, the pair got down 2-1 in the final set. From there, though, they showed why they will be competing in league individuals next week, rattling off 5 consecutive games to clinch the match.

Though Herman and Ng were good for the win, perhaps the most exciting match of the day was going on next door, as substitute Sarah Polowczak and senior Cecelia Sanborn battled back from 1-4 down to claim the final set. Polowczak was an absolute blur on the court, often noted by onlookers to be at two places in the same moment (laws of physics, notwithstanding).

A big thank you to all the parents that came out to witness our fifth win in six matches decided by two sets or less!

Cate will play a final regular season match on Wednesday (3:15pm) at home, before beginning preparations for CIF Playoffs, to begin the following Wednesday (2pm). On Tuesday and Thursday of this week, Cate will host the Tri-Valley League Individuals Tournament (1pm).

Cate will also be represented in the tournament by: Julia Gan, Jackie Cai, Summer Christensen/McKenna Madden, and Eva Herman/Janice Ng.
Cate Girls Tennis beats Simi Valley 2015

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