Laguna Tennis Finishes Regular Season 12-4

Laguna completed regular season play with a 15-3 win over Dunn that was initially quite a close match! In the first round, Dunn senior Abe Storey took an early 4-1 lead against Laguna’s Alex Furukawa and managed to hold on for a 6-4 victory. Meanwhile, on the next court over, Dunn’s best player (Julian Deck) picked up a tie-break win against Laguna senior Phillip Hicks and the #3 doubles position was also won by Dunn in a close set. Happily, that was to be the end of Dunn’s scoring for the day.

After going 3-3 overall in the first round, Laguna picked up the remaining 12 sets of play, spearheaded by a sweeps from Andrew Tolles in singles and Jack Stein/Kovid Mishra in doubles. Victor Liu/Conor Scheinberg also won two sets by large margins before Cameron Squire replaced Scheinberg to win a third-round set with Victor Liu.

The win puts Laguna Blanca Tennis at 12-4 overall, just short of the 80% win-margin required to automatically qualify for CIF Playoffs. Laguna hopes that consistently appearing on the D4 Top-Ten Seeding List will aid an at-large bid into the playoffs. Draws will be announced next Monday.

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