Patagonia Park + BA (Upcoming)

In December 2016, I will be returning to South America to visit the brand-new Patagonia Park, a product of American conservation in Chile. This time around, Johanna will be joining me and I’m very excited to be sharing Patagonia with her, as well as a few days in Buenos Aires!

Tentative Itinerary

December 17: Fly to Mexico City to pick up the rest of our flights.

December 18-19: In transit to Buenos Aires, via connections in Lima and Santiago. We were lucky enough to snag business class seats for this portion and I’m excited to see what that’s like on Avianca Airlines.

December 19-22: Exploring BA like I didn’t get to the last time (I’ve been twice, but both stays were less than 12 hours, so I’ve only really seen the inside of a steakhouse and some of the nightlife in Barrio San Telmo.

December 23: In transit to Balmaceda Airport and Patagonia via Santiago again.

December 24-28: Driving the 6-8hrs to/from Patagonia Park and getting to know the place that will soon become a Chilean National Park.

December 29: In transit to Santiago. We have to spend the night there before starting our return trip to Mexico City and the US. I’m looking forward to revisting the Bella Vista Neighborhood with its graffiti art.

December 30-31: In transit home, via Panama City and Mexico City. So. Many. Flights.

Resources by Location

Mexico City (long layover)

  • Hampton Inn City Center is a great hotel with low point-redemption cost (10,000 HH points)
  • Marriott, Hilton, and Wyndham have airport hotels for the short return layover
  • LAX to MEX works on Southwest with points + Companion Pass or using Citi TY Points to fly American, which can be credited to Alaska. Southwest flights haven’t opened yet, but American flies out 12/16 just before midnight and back 12/31 in the morning for $390 = 26k TY Points

Santiago, Chile

  • Excellent Priority Pass club lounge options in the hotel
  • During return layover, visit Barrio Bella Vista and stay at Santiago Backpackers Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Stay in San Telmo or Palermo Barrios
  • AirBnB is likely the most cost-effective and authentic lodging option
  • Gran Parrilla del Plata Steakhouse!!!

Aysen Region, Chile (Patagonia Park)