About Us

Trevor Thorpe – Travel Lifestyle/Logistics

Not yet 30 years of age, Trevor has visited more than 40 countries and unearthed a lifetime of knowledge about the intricacies of efficient and wallet-friendly travel. Focusing recently on lesser-known parts of Europe and the far reaches of Latin America, he brings a passionate approach to finding the best value for the travel dollar, without sacrifice. Trevor is a meticulous researcher and logistical planner, bringing a detail-oriented approach and an open mind to exploring the world. He has dedicated countless hours to this website in the hope that other travelers will be inspired by his experiences.


Johanna is a public school teacher with a passion for learning (and for travel). She will be sharing ideas for travelers with kids in tow, as well as creating her own line of resources for traveling families.

Anthony Baldwin – Product Design

Anthony is an endurance athlete and aspiring world-traveler. He is looking to use his experiences to marry form and function in travel-product design.

Reuben Brandt – Botany/Science (Extreme)

Reuben is a field biologist who brings a scientific approach to everything, including travel. He has set forth a goal to witness the summer solstice in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere and will be a contributing writer on the Thorpe Travel blog.