The Second Half of the Season Starts Today

Cate Girls Tennis v. Carp HighIt’s been a rough couple of weeks for Cate girls’ tennis and our match against Carp High was no exception. Despite bringing in fans from as far away as Ohio (my mom and my aunt), we were beaten by last year’s D5 CIF champions 15-3.

In doubles, we practiced well all week and there were some strong points but were up and down with our execution over the course of the whole match. As the season continues we’ll need to continue to improve in match situations. On the positive side, Jean Shen and Eva Herman played together for the first time and picked up two of our three wins on the day.

Singles was just tough! Carpinteria has three great players (though there styles couldn’t be any more dissimilar) and we just couldn’t get anything going. There was actually some really strong play at times from all three of our girls so there is reason to be encouraged despite the 0-9 result.

So far this season we’ve beaten Villanova, lost a fairly close match to a D2 team in Viewpoint, and then struggled against three highly-ranked D4 and D5 teams in Santa Ynez, Orcutt, and Carpinteria. It’s time to draw the line between what’s happened already and what’s ahead.

As of today we’re at full-strength, with our transfers now eligible to compete, and the Condor League is ours for the taking!

1 thought on “The Second Half of the Season Starts Today

  1. Great post Trevor! I’d say you missed your calling as a blogger/sports reporter except you’re so good at your current job. A man of many talents. It was really nice to meet your mom. What a lovely woman. Now I get why you’re such a nice guy 🙂

    Well, we’re officially a fully eligible squad….no excuses now!

    See you tomorrow.


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