Cate Drops Nail-Biter to Carp High 8-10

At the end of two rounds, the scored stood at 6-6 (51-51 on games). Kelsie Bryant and Julia Gan traded 6-0 wins making the score 7-7 and still tied on games (57-57). From there, it didn’t go to plan for us.

I give Charles Bryant and his team a lot of credit. They know how to close out a match. We had them 9-6 in our first meeting and they swept the remaining matches, and it was a very similar outcome today.

I know each of my girls gave themselves completely to this match, so while we are disappointed, we can be proud of our performance. When you do everything you can and you still don’t come out on top, there’s nothing more to do than salute your opponent and start working towards a different outcome in the future.

We’ll be looking to seal the final CIF spot for the TVL on Thursday with a win over Malibu. Then, we’ll begin preparing for league individuals and hopefully a solid performance in the CIF playoffs.

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