An ITA Hall-of-Famer Celebrity Coach + Anti-Fresh Takes Slight Edge in First Dual Match

Barbara Hallquist DeGroot Celebrity Coach Laguna Blanca Summer Tennis CampAnti-Fresh has taken a 6-4 lead in the first of two dual matches to be held this week. The match will be completed tomorrow afternoon to break the 2-2 tie in the week-long competition for Owl Points.

In the morning, Team Fresh 2.0 put in a dominant performance untangling themselves from “the human knot” to take a 2-1 lead, but Team Anti-Fresh countered with a win during the footwork relay race.

During the early-day court rotations, we had the pleasure of welcoming celebrity coach Barbara Hallquist Degroot, arguably the most successful female player in USC history. After becoming the first female athlete at University of Southern California to receive a scholarship, Barbara went on to lead USC to four consecutive national titles, and another as a coach several years later.DSC05643After her stellar college career, Degroot went on to reach #30 in the world after a quarterfinal performance in the US Open. She also reached the quarters twice as a doubles player.

Needless to say, the slice and touch-volley court featured a very talented and experienced celebrity coach today. I had the pleasure of coaching with her at Cate School for five seasons so it was great to be on the court with her again!

After a Chicken Ranch buffet-style lunch yesterday, the ever-popular Blenders and Bagels lunch provided the necessary refreshment to get back on-court in what was a warm and sunny day for tennis.The Best Santa Barbara Summer Camp Lunches

The afternoon session was made brighter by the presence of several celebrity players, including Laguna players Atty Roddick and Alex Furukawa, as well as Dos Pueblos standout and recent graduate Patrick Corpuz.

Here are some more shots of the days’ action:

DSC05515 DSC05528 DSC05538 DSC05570 DSC05589 DSC05593 DSC05605 DSC05635 DSC05649 DSC05650 DSC05651 DSC05666 DSC05668 DSC05676 DSC05681 DSC05682 DSC05697 DSC05699 DSC05703 DSC05706 DSC05729 DSC05736 DSC05742 DSC05750 DSC05754 DSC05758 DSC05761 DSC05763 DSC05765 DSC05770 DSC05774 DSC05777 DSC05798 DSC05800 DSC05801

1 thought on “An ITA Hall-of-Famer Celebrity Coach + Anti-Fresh Takes Slight Edge in First Dual Match

  1. Thanks so much for inviting me out to your VERY fun camp today Trevor. I had a blast. You have a lot of really talented tennis players on your hands!

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