Laguna Blanca Summer Tennis Camp is Here!

Laguna Summer Tennis Camp WarmupDay one is done and dusted, and what a day it was! Talking with our returning coaches Ben and Tristan while setting up this morning, we were all excited to reunite with our returning campers (Laguna campers are the best), but we also enjoyed welcoming some new players into the fold.

This year, one of the new elements added to enhance the program is a daily “celebrity coach.” Today, it was Justin Vea, a former ITA All-American collegiate player. Here’s a shot of him chasing the back of the pack during our group warmup!DSC05420

We also had two talented “celeb players” out today. McKenna Madden is a senior at Cate School and has twice been a CIF Individuals participant and three times been part of CIF playoffs teams. She’s got a devastating backhand that will make you wish you played to the lefty forehand.

Phillip Hicks will be a senior this year at Laguna Blanca and has featured as a singles player on three consecutive D4 CIF playoff teams. He is known for his ability to crush forehands at speeds invisible to the naked eye.

McKenna Madden Destroys the Backhand

Phillip Hicks Swats a Forehand

This afternoon, we organized into two teams that will be duking it out for “Owl Points” throughout the week, in order to be crowned champions of Laguna Blanca Summer Tennis Camp 2015!

This year, we’ll have Team Fresh 2.0 (the updated version of last year’s winning team) and team Anti-Fresh (a new prototype team designed specifically to destroy team Fresh). At the end of the day, the teams are locked in a 1-1 tie after Team Anti-Fresh came out of the gates with a win in the team-cheer competition, but Team Fresh 2.0 responded with a win in Bobsled.

Throughout the day, it was evident that this year’s camp is even stronger and deeper than last years, with tons of talent. Here are some shots of a few campers in action:

Ben Newton tennis forehand Lucian Prinz lefty backhand Harrison Fell forehand hat Thomas Watson forehand Wesley Schulz Forehand Laguna Tennis Camp Daniel Newton Stretch Volley Daniel Newton Tennis Overhand Smash Alexander Fell Laughing Overhead Alexander Fell Overhead Alex Fell Laughs Through Overhead Taylor Kleine Sweet Forehand Approach Taylor Kleine Volley Pass Andrew Tolles Makes the Ball Stand Still Luke Williams Pulverizes the Backhand

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